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Walter Reinhardt
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Revenge is Sweet
Aliases Walter Richardson
Born 1542, in Salzburg, Austria
First Death 1579, killed in a duel over bad debt
Teachers Albert Munte
Pupils Rebecca Lord
Origin Austrian
Watchers unknown
Status deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1992
Occupation Former stock swindler, financier
Portrayed by  Christoph Ohrt

Walter Reinhardt was born in Salzberg, Austria in 1542. He became Immortal in the year 1579, when he was killed in a duel over a bad debt. He was mentored by the Immortal, Albert Munte.

He became a nemesis to Duncan MacLeod for over two centuries. Their first encounter took place outside of Dover, Kent, in Great Britain in 1728. He had stopped the coach Duncan was in to rob its passengers. After sensing another Immortal, Duncan promptly challenged him. The fight, however, proved indecisive.

Not much more is known about their rivalry except that they did encounter one another again around the 1890's, when Reinhardt shared his views on women with Duncan: interchangeable. The two would cross swords again in 1988. At the time, Reinhardt was a ruthless businessman on Wall Street and a CEO of a major company, however, he was indicted for embezzling money from people including a major pharmaceutical company. Soon The SEC and the F.B.I were ready to arrest him. To avoid going to jail, he faked his death. Reinhardt challenged Duncan and they fought during a New Year's Eve party. It was then that Reinhardt jumped from the rooftop and into the water below and disappeared. Duncan took Reinhart's sword, and stuck it in a flower pot, before donning his jacket and returning to Tessa Noël before the new year arrived. News of Reinhardt's disappearance found its way to his girlfriend, Rebecca Lord, who did not know that Reinhardt was Immortal, and thought him to be dead.

In 1992, she discovered that Duncan MacLeod was in possession of Reinhardt's sword. Seeking revenge for the presumed death of her lover, Rebecca played with him before she attempted to kill him with Reinhardt's sword. Rebecca knew nothing of Immortals or their combat, and she believed MacLeod murdered Reinhardt. Unbeknownst to her, Reinhardt was still alive, and was using Rebecca in a cat and mouse game to draw out MacLeod for their final confrontation.

When Richie was taken, MacLeod went to Rebecca's house to confront her. It had been Reinhardt who kidnapped Richie; triggering a final showdown. When Duncan arrived, Rebecca started to fight with him, accusing him of having killed her lover, while Duncan tried to tell her Reinhardt was alive. Outside the house, Reinhardt apparently saw Duncan kill Rebecca and revealed himself. Rebecca, however, had faked her death: she had believed Duncan. Finally, Reinhardt and MacLeod started their final confrontation. In the end, Reinhardt lost the fight and his head.


A 17th century basket hilt German sabre