Vlad Dobrinski
Unknown 4
Appeared in The Watcher's Chronicles DVD Supplements
Name Vlad Dobrinski
Aliases Unknown
Born Unknown
First Death Unknown
Teachers Unknown
Origin Unknown
Watchers Unknown
Status Unknown

Vlad Dobrinski is an Immortal, referenced in The Watcher's Chronicles DVD supplements. Presumably of Eastern European heritage, not much is known about him, but somewhere between around 1896, Vlad Dobrinski encountered the young female Immortal Rachel McClelland, who was sent by Axel Whittaker to lure him into a trap. Vlad didn't fall for the trick. He beheaded Rachel and took her Quickening, before Whittaker could take his.

It is not know what has became of him afterward; the assumption is that he is still active in the Immortal Game.

Note: Vlad Dobrinski did not appear in Highlander: The Series, but is listed in The Watcher Chronicles.