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"dark Quickening"[]

First i would like to say what happened between connor & The Kurgan is a total rumor. Now the subject around Coltec and Duncan isnt really as simple as it seems. I dont believe for a second that if you were to have to many bad-quickenings that it would lead to a dark quickining. Im sure you know that Coltec had the ability to take someones pain, anger, hate, etc. The way i see it is that ability went corrupt so he wouldnt be able to maintain the amount pain he was taking in anymore. There was no-more room for anything else. Duncan just happened to take on this ability after beheading Coltec when the ability had become corrupt. Since it was so corrupt there was no time for Duncan to learn how to use it. It just took control of him to a certain point.

-- 21:28, November 6, 2009 (UTC)Mr. Wilson