Toshiro Nakayata
Appeared in Highlander:Way of the Sword
Name Toshiro Nakayata
Aliases Ren
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Connor MacLeod 1966 A.D.
Occupation Mob Boss
Toshiro Nakayata appeared in Highlander: Way of the Sword issue's 1-4.

When Toshiro was first introduced he seemed to be an honorable man with much respect for his ancestors, this however was only facade, in reality he was an arrogant and evil person.


He lost his family when his village was massacred. He was found by the ancient blacksmith Masamune, who took him as his own son. He gave him the name Ren. Masamune hoped that he once would lead his people and made the finest sword for him, Ren however became a very cruel and evil child. Masamune decided to never give him the sword. A short time later Masamune befriended with an Immortal named Tak Ne( later known as Ramirez) and gave the sword to him when he married his daughter. Ren knew he would once get the sword back in his hands. Several years later Ren died and became Immortal. By the 60s he called himself Toshiro Nakayata and was a maffia boss who, in his arrogance tried to challenge the big families.

Way of the SwordEdit

In 1966, Ren, now called Toshiro, has regained possession of the Masamuni. He bought it at an illegal auction hold by Antonio Direnzo. Toshiro also meets Connor MacLeod, a pupil of Ramirez. The next day, Toshiro meets Antonio for the payment but as soon as Toshiro has the sword in hands he kills Antonio with it and heads back to Japan. When Toshiro comes back to his house one day, Connor challenges him. The two fight and Toshiro manages to stab Connor in the shoulder, but Connor cuts off Toshiro's hand off and throws him over the balcony.

Toshiro Nakayata

Toshiro and Connor have their final fight

Revenge on MacLeod. Toshiro is enraged now because he lost not only the sword but also his right hand fighting MacLeod and goes on a search for him. He finds him in Florence where he is walking around in a park with his girlfriend Elizabeth Direnzo. Again the two fight each other, but this time Toshiro has his hand replaced with a short sword. Toshiro disarms Connor but is stabbed by Elizabeth who wanted revenge for her brother Antonio. Toshiro kills her and attacks Connor to deliver the final blow. Connor manages to cut off Toshiro's head with his own sword and takes his Quickening.