Timothy of Gilliam
Appeared in Highlander: The Series: Archangel
Name Timothy of Gilliam
Aliases Lord of Gilliam, the Hermit of Loch Bannoch
Born AD 550, Frisia
First Death AD 590, trying to save a woman from robbers
Teachers Atli of Rhaetia
Pupils Duncan MacLeod
Origin Teutonic
Watchers Corum Wight
Status Deceased, took own head in front of Duncan MacLeod, 1625
Occupation Knight, monk, hermit
Portrayed by  Patrick Gordon

A Teutonic warrior born about 550 in Frisia, he first died in 590 attempting to rescue a woman from robbers.  His first teacher was the Immortal, Atli of Rhaetia, who showed him what he was, and how to survive in the Game. 

His life would take a marked change in the year AD 997, as he discovered he was one of the few Immortals ever chosen to face the demon Ahriman. Timothy survived the encounter, and staved off the demon's attempt to control the world, but walked away deeply shaken by the horrors shown him by the ancient evil.

Entering into a hermitage near Loch Bannoch, he would wait over 600 years until Duncan MacLeod, not yet three years Immortal, literally stumbled into his cave. Timothy was taken as a seer by MacLeod who was told of his past, his future meeting with Connor MacLeod, and that Duncan was to be his successor in the fight against Ahriman.

Yet Timothy knew that to properly prepare Duncan called for the ultimate sacrifice. He demanded that the young man take his head, MacLeod refused, so he forced a duel, and grabbing the blade of the horrified Highlander's sword, he cut off his own head in front of his visitor, providing Duncan with his first Quickening.


Little is known of his personality after defeating Ahriman, but what can be said is based off his closing chronicle by his Watcher, Corum Wight. Based on earlier texts in different languages, it is revealed that he was a noble liege and valiant hero. He once had a family he cared for, but they all died. It was hinted in his Chronicle by a priest how Satan (Ahriman), afflicted him with demons and he later went mad. He eventually settled in Loch Bannoch, Scotland to await the next chosen one, Duncan MacLeod. Wight's Chronicle also mention how the day after, he returned to the cave only to find it collapsed in on itself. Having known his assignment for a long time, he concluded that Timothy of Gilliam could not have survived an Immortal battle at that point in his life.

Fighting StyleEdit

Unfortunately, little is also known about how well he fought against other Immortals.  His fighting style can be seen against Duncan MacLeod.  The only flaw is that Timothy was giving Duncan the upper hand in the fight, cornering and preventing him from escaping the cave.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Timothy of Gilliam and Auberon both share the same birth year as 550 and almost the same cultural affiliation (with Auberon being Germanic); However, Auberon died five years (585) before Timothy when he fell from a tree and later found by Odolff.