Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode "Song of the Executioner"
Born A.D. 1017 - Thessaloniki, Greece.
First Death A.D. 1039 - Mistaken for a burglar, while coming home drunk.
Teachers Thanos of Athens
Pupils Terence Coventry
Origin Greek
Watchers Brother David
Status Deceased, 1658 - Beheaded by Antonius Kalas
Occupation Monk
Tutor to nobles sons
Portrayed by  Demetri Goritsas
Timon suffered his First Death in A.D. 1039, when he came home drunk and was mistaken for a burglar. He was not a strong fighter, but survived the centuries by prudence and caution.

In all that time, he operated as a writer and poet, a craftsman and a shepherd. He also served as a teacher for young nobleman at the Austrian court. But when Martin Hyde arrived in 1655, he fled.

Taking Refuge Edit

Timon retired from the secular life for a long time, taking refuge in Brother Paul's Monastery of St. Christopher, where he could again find peace. There, in the fall of 1658, he met Duncan MacLeod.

At the time, Duncan couldn't read English, so Timon gave him a book: Shakespeare's Macbeth, and offered to teach Duncan how to read it. Timon and the Scot became good friends.

Timon encountering Kalas

Some weeks later, Timon left the monastery, ready again for the world. When he was out of sight,  Brother Kalas appeared on the road, approaching as if to bid farewell. The deception ultimately cost Timon his head and Quickening.

The battle, however,was witnessed by MacLeod, who reported Kalas's treachery to Brother Paul. As a result, Kalas was forever expelled from the sanctuary of St. Christopher's.