Released in 2001 the chronicles was made up of 8 one minute flash animated episodes.

They detailed Methos' reunion with the Pharaoh Djer, whom Methos had imprisoned and buried alive in a sarcophagus as vengeance for the murder of one of his wives and the smiting if Sinai. In 2001 Dr. Mina Abadi recovered the Sarcophagus, Methos hurried to arrive before Djer could escape again however he managed to get himself arrested before he could confront Djer. He managed to convince Dr. Abadi to not only get him out of jail but bring him to the sarcophagus. Djer was loosed from his sarcophagus and the two began to fight. Dr. Abadi stunned Methos with a vase and a security gu
Methos and djer

Methos and Djer face off in the modern era

ard wounded Methos allowing Djer to escape.

The Chronicles were left unfinished but fans wrote their own endings, usually with Methos triumphing over Djer. Transcripts and screen caps of the completed episoes are available here.

Note: This series is not considered canon in the Highlander universe.

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