The Messenger (episode)
Series Highlander: The Series
Season Five
Episode 10
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Friends Methos
Joe Dawson
Richie Ryan
Enemies William Culbraith
Set In Seacouver, Washington
Flashbacks 1864 in Andersonville, Georgia
Previous Story Little Tin God
Following Story The Valkyrie
Written by Gregory Widen
David Tynan
Directed by James Bruce
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On November 25, 1996
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 96509-97

Plot SynopsisEdit

An immortal is encouraging other immortals to give up the Game, Richie encounters the immortal, who claims to be the legendary Methos.

Encouraged by the false Methos' message Richie interrupts MacLeod's fight with William Culbraith, another immortal who commanded the Confederate prison of war camp -- preaching peace. When MacLeod confronts Richie on his new philosophy Richie tells Duncan that 'Methos' is spreading the message, confused and incensed, MacLeod returns to his home to find the actual Methos has returned from his travels and is crashing in his loft. MacLeod confronts him on the dangerous philosophy he has been spreading.

Perplexed, Methos asks what he is talking about, and then realizes that Richie has encountered the Messenger, an immortal who has appropriated Methos' name to spread his message. Methos is both amused and indifferent by the other immortal co-opting his name, and quite happy to allow the stranger to continue using his name in order to attract hostiles away from himself.

Dawson warns Methos and Duncan about the Messenger, he convinces other immortals to lay down their swords, however, it always ends in tragedy; the converts are usually killed by the next immortal to come along while the false Methos continues his futile mission.

A curious Methos meets the impostor, and realizes he is either delusional or a fraud but not a overt danger in and of himself, only his message is dangerous.

Culbraith, however, has other plans and takes the Messenger's head, thinking he is Methos, hoping the Quickening will give him the strength to defeat MacLeod. In the end, however, it is Richie, harshly reintroduced to reality,  who takes Culbraith's head.


Duncan MacLeod: Adrian Paul

Methos: Peter Wingfield

Richie Ryan: Stan Kirsch

Joe Dawson: Jim Byrnes

William Culbraith: Robert Wisden

The Messenger: Ron Perlman



Story NotesEdit

  • Ron Perlman, the false Methos, originally auditioned for the role of Methos Before Peter Wingfield was cast.


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