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Just want to say, that according to the Highlander Card Game, Kane is not Mongolian, but was rather born in Uzbekistan, and his first teacher was a shaman, named Samga.

The cards[]

This is rather infuriating. So, here is the text from one of Kane's persona cards. "Born in Outer Mongolia in 987 AD, Kane became a warlord of a band of raiders that devastated Mongolia and Uzbekistan. His tactics and ferocity were based on his childhood hero, The Kurgan. His mortal life ended by disease in 1023 AD. After reawakening he was found by his first teacher, Uv Bukhar, who taught him of his immortality, and kicked him out after Kane tried to come after his head. Kane continued his pillaging and even recruited the Immortals Senghi Khan and Khabul Khan."

The other: "Kane was born in Samarkand, near the western border of Mongolia in 987. He died of disease in his mid-twenties and was found and trained by his first mentor Samga the shamaness. Kane betrayed and murdered his teacher, thirsting for her power more than her teachings. With her Quickening he realized the potential power that could one day be his. He rode across Asia, seeking those whose power he could usurp. In 1594, his lust brought him to the Mountain of Niri to seek the power of illusion. In the ensuing battle, Kane and his two Immortal companions were buried in a cavern. Kane has escaped after four hundred years and his hunt for the Quickening of the last Immortal has begun anew. "

Okay, we can see that these were blended. I don't see anything here about May Ling Shen's teacher, Yau Chuan Chou. Where did that come from?