The Shield Corporation was a commercial entity with sole, monopolistic control over the planet Earth's protective electromagnetic energy field during the first two decades of the twenty-first century.

History Edit

Highlander 2 Shield Corporation 2

Dr. Allan Neyman, upon the successful activation of the Shield, 1999

The Shield Corporation was formed at some point in the late 1990s, when a consortium of scientists and industrial figures assembled in part by Connor MacLeod pooled their resources to develop a protective energy field as a response to heightened radiation and global warming brought about by the near-destruction of the ozone layer.

Upon the launching of the Shield itself, the company was led by Dr. Allan Neyman, who worked with a board of directors in overseeing the corporation's long-term direction and goals. However, when it was secretly discovered that the Earth's ozone layer was, in fact, repairing itself, the decision was made to bury the data in order to prevent the corporation from entering into Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Highlander 2 Shield Corporation 1

David Blake and the Immortal General Katana, in the Shield Corporation boardroom, in 2024

Over time, Dr. Neyman gradually assumed less and less control over the board of directors, by AD 2024 being nearly isolated in support, with near-total control having been taken over by Neyman's former protegé David Blake.

Blake himself was fanatically devoted to the cause of profits, and ultimately engineered the imprisonment of Neyman in the company's own private prison facility (the MAX super-prison) after Neyman relayed data to Connor MacLeod confirming the repaired state of the ozone layer.

The End and the Beginning Edit

Upon the reemergence of the Immortals upon the face of the world in 2024, the ensuing battle resulted in the end of the Shield Corporation itself, following the destruction of the main Shield generator facility due to a massive Quickening energy-burst from Connor MacLeod. What happened after that point is not known, but it is assumed that the Shield Corporation's grip upon the world ended with the fall of the energy barrier.