Rudy Bryant

In November 1995 Rudolph Bryant was a high school student at Diefenbaker High in Calgary, Canada. During the big homecoming game, he sneaked into the home ec sewing room to stitch up a new Star Trek uniform for the con to be held in Saddledome the next day.  The industrial arts teacher, Mr DeWalt, whose classroom was just down the hall, however, was an immortal who faced a challenge that night, and Bryant witnessed the Quickening.  The Watcher area supervisor for Calgary, quickly recruited Bryant, sending him off for an all expenses paid education in Geneva at the Watcher Academy.  After a Bachelors degree at the University of Geneva, he would graduate 30th of a class of 98 in 1996 from the Watcher Academy. He can speak English and French and his skill set included historical weaponry, preservation, restoration, and costuming.

From 1996 to 2000 he took part in a special research project on blades and then was promoted to Associate Curator, Bladed Antiquities.