Rodica Lupei
Appeared in Highlander: Dark Places
Highlander: Hans Kirschner
Name Rodica Lupei
Aliases Radha Friel, Antoaneta Lupei, Raluca Lupei
Born 1425; Waterford, Ireland
First Death 1458; Burned alive with other homeless, Tîrgovişte, Romania
Teachers Rebecca Horne
Origin Irish
Watchers Joel Hawks
Status Active
Occupation Tour Guide
Portrayed by  Ronee Collins
Rodica Lupei was an orphan child, raised with traveling folk and beggars. A thief only when necessary, and only ever for food, she was often a caregiver for other homeless, particularly the small children.

When she traveled to Romania she, among many others, became a victim to Prince Vlad III's solution to the homeless problem in 1458, and burned among many others. She would awaken, however, to a new life as an Immortal, alone and confused.

A drifter by nature, she fled the country, soon encountering Rebecca Horne. Rebecca would take her in, clothe her and teach her civility, as well as how to fight with a sword.

Rodica's mind was still not at peace, and Rebecca called for Willem Caelius, who in turn would take her under his wing for a number of years, educating her in the ways of religion and inner peace. In time what was student and teacher relationship became friends, and then more than friends.

In the present, Rodica Lupei lives a peaceful life in the Pacific Northwest, staying in touch with Willem. she is also mutual friends with Malej Senna Cavaco, the two often meet for sparring sessions.

Notes: She has heard firsthand Malej's belief that he is nearing a Dark Quickening and is greatly concerned, keeping her eye on him.

Her weapon is Raider Scimitar/Shamshir

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