Richard Albright
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode "Patient Number 7"
Name Richard Albright
Born July 30, 1944 in North Hampton, England
Died 1998 in Paris, France
Nationality English
Status Deceased, killed by Milos Vladic
Occupation Judge
Portrayed by  Donald Standen

Richard was a mortal and was the chief judge for the International Court. The Immortal, Kyra met him when she became his bodyguard. They became lovers, and remained together for ten years. Kyra trusted him enough to tell him of her immortality. She called Richard a truly good man, someone who didn't want money, or power, or glory. "Somebody beyond temptation and corruption...justice, compassion; they were his gods."

Richard presided over the war crimes trial of Milos Vladic who was eventually sentenced to life in prison for his crimes, Kyra reminded Richard that Vladic was an immortal, and it would not be forever, but he replied; "His crimes were against humanity and humanity has punished him."

Richard was shot to death in front of Kyra by Vladic, driving her into a deep trauma resulting in temporary amnesia. When she recovered her memories, she hunted down Vladic and took his head.