Revenge of the Sword
Series Highlander: The Series
Season Two
Episode 8
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Friends Charlie DeSalvo
Jimmy Sang
Lisa Scott
Enemies Johnny Leong
Set In Seacouver
Flashbacks 1905: New York
Previous Story The Return of Amanda
Following Story Run for Your Life
Written by Aubrey Solomon
Directed by Clay Borris
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On November 15, 1993
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 93208-30

Plot SynopsisEdit

Charlie's young friend Jimmy Sang (Dustin Nguyen) films a kung fu movie in the dojo. As a stuntman is poisoned and the set is vandalized, it becomes clear that someone wants to stop the production. MacLeod reluctantly agrees to protect the young, arrogant star.

MacLeod discovers Jimmy used to work for underground boss Johnny Leong and revealed Leong's gang activities in the movie script. Jimmy decides to kill Leong himself, but he is overpowered by Leong's men. MacLeod fights them and frees Jimmy.




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