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Rebecca Horne
Appeared in Highlander: The Final Dimension, Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Legacy and the Season Four episode Methuselah's Gift
Aliases Rivka of Jerash, Xanthia of Melithus, Majidah,Deirdre Harrogate, Elizabeth of Trent
Born c. 1200 BC, Mycenae
First Death 1165 BC, murdered by jealous slave
Teachers Aganesthes of Tiryns
Pupils Amanda
Rodica Lupei
Henri Valjean
Origin Achaean
Watchers Amelia Ephraim
Status Deceased, head taken by Luther, 1994
Occupation Adventurer
Portrayed by  Nadia Cameron-Blakey (credited as Nadia Cameron)

Rebecca Horne was the teacher of Amanda, Henri Valjean and Luther among many others. She was born in the year 1,200 BC in Mycenae. She suffered her first death when she was killed by a jealous slave.

Rebecca in 850

In the year 850, Rebecca met the newly Immortal Amanda, whom she taught about Immortality, The Game, and how to fight. They become good friends, but Amanda could not let go of her thieving ways and, and one day, tried to steal the crystals of the Methuselah Stone in Rebecca's care.

She was caught, but Rebecca forgave her. Amanda was moved by this and started to learn how to become a proper lady and to have a decent life. Amanda eventually left Rebecca's abbey, a refuge for Immortals, in 853. Rebecca gave one crystal as a parting gift, as she had done with other pupils, "This is older than Immortals. Older than time itself. There are things of this world older and greater than us. Keep it always, and remember."

That same year, while traveling, Amanda met Immortal Hengist who challenged her. Fearing for her life, she ran back to Rebecca's abbey and the safety of holy ground. Rebecca told her that she could not run forever and must face her demons. Amanda gathered her courage and faced the Immortal. She won her first duel, and received her first Quickening. After the experience, she left the abbey, ready to face her future.

In 1635, when Amanda was visiting Rebecca in Italy, they sensed the presence of an Immortal close by. The Immortal was Duncan MacLeod. Whilst they lightly discussed who should fight him, Amanda decided that he was better kissed than killed and, after kissing him, she and Rebecca left him. Amanda a stole his purse, for good measure. But they soon found that a Scotsman and his money are not so easily parted, they hadn't gone far before they turned a corner and found MacLeod waiting for them. After recovering his purse, he took his new lady friends for a drink.

Some years later, Rebecca would meet Luther who became her student and whom she taught the rules of the game, but "he was the only one she never really trusted." Luther eventually became obsessed with finding all of the crystals that comprised the legendary Methuselah Stone, which was supposed to grant invincibility on any Immortal who had possession of the reassembled crystals. Rebecca had given one shard to each of her pupils over the years. Luther began hunting them down one by one.

John and Rebecca

In 1994, while walking near the ruins of her old abbey with her mortal husband, John Bowers,  Rebecca spoke to him of her feelings, "You're the love of a dozen lifetimes, and I don't care if you're twenty-three or fifty-three or a hundred and three. I am never going to leave you...ever. " Luther then arrived on the scene, much to Rebecca's surprise, who remarked that she had hoped someone had taken his head. He replied that many tried but all had failed.

Rebecca was ready to fight him, and ordered John into the cloister.but Luther grabbed John and threatened to kill him, "What will it be, Rebecca -- your sword or his head?" Rebecca extracted a promise that John would walk away, and then gave up her sword, apparently trusting Luther's word. Luther agreed, and assured her that he would keep his promise. Rebecca kneels and places her sword on the ground, "Good-bye, John." Luther then knocked John out, and took Rebecca's head without a fight.


Luther would, himself, be killed while in pursuit of the Stone in Methuselah's Gift. The Stone itself would be lost in a French river when Watcher, Daniel Geiger, attempted to steal it for himself; after he had managed to assemble the complete Stone for a few seconds which morphed from a jagged rocky lump to a multifaceted crystal sphere prior to his own death. Geiger's body was eventually recovered from the river, with a piece of the Stone clutched in one hand.