Peter Gaicus
Peter Gaicus
Appeared in Highlander: The Series episode Indiscretions and the Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM
Name Peter Gaicus
Aliases Columbanus, Dr. Raymond Terrill, Brian Cadyryeith, Madelhari, Dr. Dieter Brandeis
Born 201 B.C. Sipontum, Roman Republic
First Death 168 B.C. Bitten by a viper
Teachers Epictetus Cuspianus
Pupils Graydon Hammer
Origin Roman
Watchers Carol Mariani
Status Alive
Occupation Surgeon
Peter Gaicus, an Immortal, was not only an excellent swordsman, but a legendary surgeon.

Note: He was only ever mentioned briefly in Highlander: The Series, during the first of the finale episodes, To Be, when Methos was hanging out with Joe after hours at the tavern, and correcting errors in the Chronicle he claimed to have witnessed: "Hey, you ask, I tell you."