Paul Kinman
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode Reluctant Heroes
Aliases Kenneth Paulson
Paul Kennedy
Peter Ramsey
Born 1418, Lichfield, England
First Death 1448, duel over imagined insult
Teachers Judson Rand
Origin English
Watchers Ralph Grierson
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1994
Occupation Assassin
Portrayed by  Peter Outerbridge

Paul Kinman an immortal, suffered his first death in 1448 in a duel. Kinman was, for 25 years, a paid assassin at the court of Queen Anne (1665-1714). According to recent findings, the Watchers suspect Kinman could possibly be implicated in the death of Anne's husband, Prince George of Denmark (1653-1708). Kinman was possibly in the service of the House of Hanover, who after the death of Queen Anne, succeeded to the throne of England.

In 1712, Kinman, under orders of the Earl of Welsley, was sent to silence Lord Dennis Keating. Kinman insulted him to incite a duel, during which he could kill Keating. By so doing, Kinman also made the immortal Duncan MacLeod an enemy. Queen Anne, however, insisted in making MacLeod swear not to seek revenge for his friend's death in order to preserve the peace at court. He could not, upon his oath, accept any challenge from Kinman.

In 1995, Kinman was wanted by the FBI, wanted as a professional assassin. His victims included Michael Torsig from Chicago, Perry Daniel of Philadelphia, and Rostin Tavelin from Miami. At some point, he began an affair with the special agent who led the hunt for him, Kayla Brooks. As a result, he was always one step ahead of the FBI.

In September, Kinman was in Seacouver on a job for Vince Petrovic, a local crime boss, who wanted to make an example of the shopkeeper, David Markum. The hit, however, was foiled by MacLeod and Richie, though a stray bullet killed Markum's wife, Alice.

Kinman was eventually arrested, but with Kayla Brooks' help, they killed her partner, and effected an escape, whereupon he killed Kayla. Kinman returned to Seacouver to collect his fee, but was rebuffed. He then killed his client, just as MacLeod managed to track him down, and issue the long delayed challenge. He lost his head and Quickening to MacLeod.


Kinman's weapon of choice was an 18th century smallsword, a dueling weapon, and not particularly suited to the heavy combat required of the Game.