Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "Song of the Executioner"
Name Cassius Marius
Born 32 BC, Ravenna
First Death AD 14, fighting a revolt in the Rhine
Teachers Julius Scipio
Pupils Antonius Kalas
Origin Roman
Watchers Brother Gabriel
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Antonius Kalas 1995
Occupation Monk, Praetorian Guardian
Portrayed by  Eugene Lipinski
Paul was born as Cassius Marius. He first died in AD 14 as a soldier in Augustus' army in the battle for the Rhine. By AD 67,  Cassius Marius was a member of Emperor Nero's Praetorian Guard. It was then that he met Paul of Tarsus, the Christian apostle. This encounter changed Marius forever, he became a peaceful and religious man. When Paul was executed, Marius left the Guard and renamed himself Paul in the apostle's honor, and joined the persecuted Christians of Rome.

In AD 412, Paul met the new Immortal Antonius Kalas. Paul was his first teacher, and they would spend many centuries together. At some point between 529 and 543, they met Benedict of Nursia, in Italy and stayed for several years in his monastery at Monte Cassino. In the year 697, Paul, himself, founded a monastery, St. Christopher. It has been, over the centuries, a place of peace in a chaotic world; offering a place of refuge to Immortals who desired it.


Paul confronts Kalas about his actions

In the fall of 1658, Paul met Duncan MacLeod and welcomed him to stay.  Duncan was going to meet there with Peter Hale, not knowing Peter had already left the monastery. After several weeks of rest and recovery he became friends with Timon who then left the monastary.  Duncan followed to return a borrowed book and witnessed his ambush and death by Brother Antonius Kalas.

Duncan revealed the machinations of Kalas, who used the monastery in order to kill other Immortals when leaving the holy ground, including Peter Hale and Timon. Paul repudiated Kalas, and banished him from the monastery. Kalas vowed revenge. In 1658, Brother David was assigned as the Watcher to the monastery of Paul.


Paul, singing with choir in 1995

Paul very rarely left his monastery in the next 300 years. But in early 1995, he received the offer to appear in public with his monastic choir. Since the Order was able to use the money offered for the appearance, the brothers flew to Seacouver, where they gave concerts in Vanderbilt Hall. After one concert, Paul met Duncan, whom he had invited. And the two men promised to see one another again.

Paul, about to be beheaded by Kalas

Soon, however, Kalas appeared. He owned the Vanderbilt Hall, and he had used the concerts to lure Paul off holy ground ground, and finally exact his revenge. Paul, who had not touched a sword for centuries, was an easy target for Kalas, who took his head and quickening.