Patient Number 7
Series Highlander: The Series
Season Six
Episode 5
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Friends Kyra
Enemies Milos Vladic
Set In Paris, France
Flashbacks 1640, Paris
1988, Paris
Previous Story Diplomatic Immunity
Following Story Black Tower
Written by Gregory Widen
David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On November 2, 1997
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 97605-111

Plot SynopsisEdit

Police at her heels, killers on her trail, Kyra is on the run, with no memory of who—or what—she is. In the streets of Paris, she runs into Duncan MacLeod, who spins a wild story: That he and Kyra were lovers once, some three hundred years ago. That she is a soldier, a warrior. That she is Immortal. Kyra doesn't believe a word of it ... but if it isn't true, then why is someone after her head?




Story NotesEdit

This is the second of the Highlander episodes aimed at introducing a female character to spin off for another show, in this case, Kyra.


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