Pallin Wolf
Pallin Wolf
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode The Darkness
Name Palin Wolf
Died 1993 in Seacouver, Washington
Nationality American
Status Deceased, Killed by Duncan MacLeod
Occupation Watcher(Former),Hunter
Portrayed by  Andrew Jackson

A mortal from Seattle he received an MA from the Polytechnic Institute of Virginia and would later use the cover of Architect once he'd been recruited to the Watcher organization by mentor, James Horton. He was graduated from the Watcher Academy Class of 1984, ranked 1 out of 103.

Assignments: 1991-1993: Special assignment
1990-1991: Anastasia Prassas
1986-1990: Stephen Zilka
1985-1986: Historian

His skill set included hunting and sharp shooter, as well as basic Japanese

One of the last of the Hunters, Pallin Wolf was a former Watcher who kidnapped the loved ones of Immortals in order to draw them out and force them in a one-sided battle in a pitch black room where he was equipped with a sword and night-vision goggles, allowing him to easily take his opponent's head in the darkness.

After he kidnapped Tessa, Duncan MacLeod searched him out, and was forced into battle with Wolf. As Wolf was about to kill the Highlander, Duncan used his sword to light up a match book which temporarily took Wolf's advantage away as his goggles were useless in the light. This brief advantage allowed Duncan to run him through with his sword, killing him.

Trivia Edit

Wolf used a Kris Broadsword.

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