Osta Vazilek
Osta Vazilek 001
Name Osta Vazilek
Origin Polish
Status Deceased, Beheaded by the Kurgan 1985

Osta Vazilek[1] was mentioned in Highlander.


Osta Vazilek Was an Immortal from Poland, he was beheaded by The Kurgan in New Jersey two nights before Connor MacLeod's encounter with Iman Fasil. Osta made no appearance in Highlander, but his photo can be seen on Bedsoe's desk when he questioned Connor about Fasil's death.[2]

The comic book series Highlander: American Dream gave him an extensive history.


  • Following the Series continuity, Osta was just another Immortal who was killed by The Kurgan, but following the first movie, he was one of the last six surviving Immortals who made it to The Gathering.
  • In the original script he was Bulgarian.
  • In the comic book series Highlander: American Dream his origin has been slightly changed as he is from Estonia and was born in 1190.


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