Milos Vladic
Milos Vladic
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Patient Number 7
Name Milos Vladic
Aliases Vladic the Butcher,
Born 899 Banja Luka, Bosnia
First Death 944 gored by wounded boar while hunting
Teachers Grayson
Origin Bosnian
Watchers Vaclav Devaric
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Kyra, 1998
Occupation Dictator, former drug dealer, now fugitive
Portrayed by  Michael Halsey

An Immortal of Slavic origin, he is one of the few villains in the series to loose his head to someone other than Duncan MacLeod.


In 944, Milos Vladic was hunting boar, and after wounding his prey, he was fatally savaged by the animal. His first mentor was the Immortal, Grayson.

He began a bloody rise to power, and was at one time a criminal kingpin, eventually supplying drugs to half of Eastern Europe, using Ecuador as his base for the transport of Columbia product. He murdered Ecuadorian General Blasco Gallegos, and appropriated his ceremonial sabre.

Based upon his position as drug lord, Vladic eventually he took power in an unnamed Balkan country during a bloody civil war. In 1998, he was indicted for war crimes before an international court for human rights abuses. But Vladic managed to escape, and shortly after the end of the trial he murdered the chief judge, Richard Albright, in his Paris apartment.

Kyra, an immortal, who was lover and bodyguard for Albright, became Vladic's next target. He almost managed to kill her with the aid of his mercenaries, but she jumped out the window. The loss of her love was a terrible shock, which led to hysterical amnesia, and Kyra was eventually found sent by the authorities to a psychiatric clinic. Vladic's thugs tried to kill her there, but Kyra escaped them. Through an encounter with Duncan MacLeod, she became aware again of what had happened and who she was, recovering her memories rapidly. When she regained her memory, she challenged Vladic.

He set up a meeting at his house, Kyra defeated all his guards, and faced Vladic. Vladic insulted Kyra, saying she was a fool to challenge him and that she was "a woman trying to do a soldier's job" she replied with contempt "A soldier? Is that what you call yourself?" and then they dueled. It became clear quickly that, despite his boasts, Vladic was no match for the enraged Kyra, and she disarmed him and delivered a serious wound relatively easily. She stated "I was a soldier for a thousand years, you're no soldier, you're a butcher." She then took his head and his quickening.


His sword of choice was an Ecuadorian Military Sabre.  It had a long, slender, curved blade; a brass hilt with a stirrup knucklebow, and a straight cross guard.  The hilt is wrapped in leather and wire and terminates in a lion's head pommel.


Vladic was an avid hunter and taxidermist who specifically targeted predators.