Michel de Burgoyne
First appearance Highlander: The Series season 2 episode "Unholy Alliance"
Born 1432, Burgoyne, Belgium
First Death 1461, drowned while fording a river
Teachers Roland de Brabant
Origin Belgian
Watchers Giles LeClerc
Status Deceased, 1670, Duncan MacLeod
Occupation Mercenary
Portrayed by  Franck Dubosc
Michel de Burgoyne was raised as an adopted son of a middle-class family in the duchy of Burgundy. He died his first death in 1461, when he drowned while crossing a river. In the following decades, Michel de Burgoyne lived by his sword. He would work for anyone who paid him. Although he was only a mediocre, albeit arrogant swordsman, he went all out in battles with Immortals and won. In 1670, Michel de Burgoyne was in Scotland. There he challenged Duncan MacLeod. They fought and he lost his head to MacLeod.