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Michael Christian
Michael Christian.jpg
Appeared in They Also Serve
Name Michael Christian
Born 1952, in Des Moines, Iowa
First Death 1975, in a car accident with a milk truck
Teachers Lawrence Gasper
Origin American
Watchers Rita Luce
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1995
Occupation Headhunter
Portrayed by  Barry Pepper

Michael Christian was born in 1952 in Des Moines, Iowa. He was a foundling raised by a farmer, and grew into a troubled young man with no ambition. Christian's first death occurred in 1975 and, under the influence of alcohol, drove his vehicle into a milk truck. He would later meet Immortal Lawrence Gasper. Christian learned everything about his immortality from Gasper, and developed the ambition to winthe Game and claim The Prize. On July 4, 1979, he betrayed Gasper, and took his head.  The Quickening was mistaken by the townspeople as one of the biggest fireworks display they had ever seen.

Christian killing May by sidestepping the Rules.

Christian was a strong player in the Game for his age due to a certain advantage, Rita Luce, his Watcher, took a liking to him because he reminded her of her own son, who had died in a car accident. Christian and Rita developed a partnership and unhealthy love for one another. Christian became a more formidable competitor in the Game when Rita began providing him with information on other Immortals, their strengths and their weaknesses, allowing him to sidestep the Rules. She directed him to Los Angeles, California 1994, when Christian challenged Cordelia Stanton at a time she would be alone and unarmed.  In 1995, in Hong Kong, Christian ambushed the 1,200 year old immortal May-Ling Shen, someone he would normally be unable to defeat, but he took her head during her morning swim when she was unarmed and defenseless.

Michael and Rita

In Seacouver, Christian was anxious to take Duncan MacLeod's head, but Rita did not think he was ready yet, and she guided him to another immortal, Jackson Trent, whom she had heard had not touched his sword in years. This information was indirectly provided by Watchers Justin and Maureen Russell, who were the assigned Watchers on Trent.  The information was casually provided during a friendly poker game with other Watchers. 

Rita was again in Joe Dawson's tavern when she overheard him in a conversation with Richie Ryan; which provided the information that MacLeod would be at his island cabin, and he would be without his sword. She then shared the information with Christian. An overconfident Christian challenged MacLeod, who, weaponless, defended himself atop a dam. Overconfidence allowed MacLeod to disarm Christian, and the two Immortals fell from the dam. Upon recovering, they both scrambled for Christian's sword but the more experienced MacLeod reached it first and beheaded Christian.


Christian wielded a two-handed sword, a Garcia de Paredes-Mandoble.

After being disarmed by MacLeod, Christian engaged in a fist-fight, showing a level of skill in unarmed combat.