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Marcus Korolus
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 1 episode,See No Evil
Aliases Martin Carroll
Born AD 136, Neopoli, Roman Empire
First Death AD 188, poisoned by a rival actor
Teachers Gaius Septimus
Pupils Walter Graham
Origin Roman
Watchers Millicent Fennimore
Status Deceased, head taken by Duncan MacLeod, 1925
Occupation Actor
Serial Killer
Portrayed by  J.G. Herzler

Marcus Korolus was born in Rome in  the year 136. After he was poisoned by a rival and suffered his first death becoming Immortal, he was mentored by Gaius Septimus. Marcus made his living as an actor, and later mentored Walter Graham.

In the 1620s, Korolus was accused of witchcraft, and was burned alive. The fact that the woman he loved, Lenora, had betrayed him to such a fate, was too much for him, and Korolus went mad. In revenge, he murdered Lenora, taking her scalp. Her death alone didn't satisfy him, however, and he continued to kill other women who resembled her in the same way. His targets were always women who reminded Korolus of Lenora, and had long blonde hair like she had.

In 1925, Korolus was an actor appearing in Seacouver's Orpheum Theater, starring in "Man and Superman". After ten women in that town were mysteriously murdered by someone dubbed "The Scalper", Duncan MacLeod started investigating the murders. He surprised Korolus by tracking him to the Orpheum when he was about to kill another woman. Duncan tried to persuade him to stop, but, finally realizing Korolus was insane, he had no choice but to challenge him. In the end, Duncan was victorious, and Korolus lost his head.

Korolus' legacy, however, would endure, and in 1992, a new killer, also dubbed  "The Scalper," followed in Korolus' steps, killing women in the same places, or places related to the crime sites where Korolus had killed his victims. Recognizing the pattern, Duncan once again tried to stop the killer.


Walter Graham, Korolus' student, was a friend of Duncan's, although it is unknown if Graham knew Duncan had defeated his mentor, or even if he had a good relationship with Korolus.