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Lyman Kurlow
Appeared in Blackmail
Name Lyman Kurlow
Born 1402, County Cork, Ireland
First Death 1443, hanged for horse theft
Teachers Kevin Draper
Pupils Peter Matlin
Origin Irish
Watchers Michael Davis
Status Deceased, 1994 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod
Occupation Thief
Portrayed by  Anthony DeLongis

In 1443, Lyman Kurlow met his first death when he was hanged as a horse thief. For the next few centuries, he remained an independent thief and murderer, until he took a new Immortal, Peter Matlin as a student in 1671.

The two combined forces and remained in partnership, continuing their joint criminal career, until 1994. Kurlow's preferred method of operation was to kill by strangling victims with a scarf or piece of cloth. In 1805 Kurlow and Matlin met a young English nobleman, who wouldn't inherit any of his family's estate because he was not firstborn. Since he did not want to join the army or the Church, it was easy for Kurlow and Matlin to incite him to steal the family treasure and then to seek his fortune in the colonies. Before he could make that journey, however, he was strangled by Kurlow, and his money stolen. Kurlow and Matlin laid him in a boat and set fire to it. Conveniently, Johnny, a soldier who had recently returned home, stumbled by drunk and was knocked unconscious by Matlin and Kurlow. They planted the farewell letters of their victim on Johnny. Matlin and Kurlow rightly speculated that Johnny would be accused of their crime. Shortly after, they came back into the city to witness the execution of Duncan MacLeod, who confessed to save his friend Johnny from the noose.

They searched for MacLeod's grave, but found him already revived and challenging Kurlow to a duel. Kurlow lured MacLeod into a labyrinth of hedges, and disappeared after several attempts to kill his opponent from behind. It seems Kurlow felt that he was not ready for this fight.

In 1994, Kurlow learned that his friend and partner, Peter Matlin, had been beheaded by Duncan MacLeod in battle. He went to MacLeod to take revenge, but they were disturbed by the attorney, Waverly, who tried to blackmail Duncan. Kurlow proposed a railway tunnel as a meeting place for their duel, however, it was Waverly appeared there at the appointed time. Waverly had prepossed the idea of ​​killing Kurlow for Duncan, if Duncan would kill his wife. Waverly shot Kurlow, but when Kurlow revived, he strangled Waverly.

When Duncan arrived, he found only Waverly's corpse. Kurlow went to Waverly's house and took his wife hostage. Duncan arrived a little later, knowing Barbara's wealth would be irresistible to Kurlow. It came to a final duel between Duncan and Kurlow. Kurlow was a dangerous opponent, but Duncan defeated him and took his head.

Kurlow and Matlin were both assigned the same Watcher, Michael Davis till 1994.

Kurlow's distinguishing feature was a white patch of hair at his brow.


Lyman was originally meant to be a recurring villain in the series where he would have survived in the episode Blackmail and return at some point.

DeLongis returned in season five playing another evil immortal character in Duende