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Appeared in Highlander: The Series, Season Two episode "Legacy"
Name Luther
Born 1652, Cameroon
First Death 1689 - Died aboard a slaver's ship
Teachers Rebecca Horne
Origin West African
Watchers Nathan Stern
Status Deceased, 1994 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod
Occupation Mercenary
Portrayed by  Emile Abossolo-M'bo

Luther was an Immortal who was seen on Highlander: The Series.

Luther was born in Cameroon in West Africa in 1652; a foundling. In 1689, Luther was captured by slave traders, and was killed on board a slave ship, reviving to Immortality.

He later met his first teacher, Rebecca Horne, who bought him, took him home with her and taught him about his Immortality and how to survive The Game. She even showed him the crystal that she owned, known as the Methuselah Stone. When it was his time to leave, she gave him, as she did all her other students, a piece of the crystal. Luther became a formidable warrior, killing many Immortals. He became determined to become the last man standing.

By the 1980s, Luther had become a collector of antiques and relics. By the early 1990's while based in the French city of Cannes, Luther then began hunting down Rebecca’s former students, taking their heads and their pieces of the crystal.

The Methuselah Stone

By 1994, only two remained: Henri Valjean and Amanda. Tracking them down in Paris, he also decided to kill Rebecca, tracking her down near a cloister with her mortal husband, John. Rebecca prepared to fight her former student, but John was grabbed by Luther, who threatened his life unless Rebecca gave her own. John was knocked out by Luther, who then took Rebecca’s head and Quickening.

Afterward, Luther tracked Amanda and beheaded Henri Valjean, but was unsuccessful in obtaining his piece of the stone.

Luther with his sword

After attempting to obtain Amanda's portion, an encounter with Duncan MacLeod served to enlighten the Highlander as to the Methuselah Stone's history. Two days later, Luther battled Amanda at the cloister, and defeated her. He was about to kill her, when MacLeod appeared, in possession of Amanda's crystal. This lured Luther to attack Duncan, but after an intense battle, Luther was beheaded.

After the Quickening, Duncan gave Amanda Valjean’s crystal as a keepsake of Rebecca. Later, Luther’s watcher, Nathan Stern, took the various crystals Luther had gathered, and stored them at Watcher headquarters. Ironically the Watcher Daniel Geiger later stole and reassembled the Methuselah Stone; before he was shot and killed which resulted in the Stone becoming fragmented again in a river.


Luther's sword was a Manchu Broadsword.

Miscellaneous Information[]

  • The actor portraying Luther, Emile Abossolo-M'bo, later returned in Season 6, playing the orderly on the Immortal Kyra's potential spin-off episode "Patient Number 7."
  • Much of Emile Abossolo-M'bo's dialogue was dubbed by actor John Novak (who played Immortals Howard Crowley and Gerard Kragen) because the producers felt that the audience would not understand his thick French accent.
  • The episode "Legacy" was originally intended to reveal that Amanda and Luther were once lovers. This notion, however, did not make it into the final cut of the episode.
  • Luther was shown to be a masochist, a lover of pain, as he uses a lash on his back.