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Lucas Desiree
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "Innocent Man"
Name Lucas Desiree
Born 1769, in Charleston, South Carolina
First Death 1811, shot in a duel over a point of honor
Teachers Ashley Wilkinson
Pupils Richard Mosby
Lawrence Gasper
Origin American
Watchers Gary Allen
Status Deceased, 1992, beheaded by Howard Crowley
Occupation Confederate Army Captain, Retired
Portrayed by  Victor Young

Lucas Desiree was a North American Immortal. A veritable southern gentleman, Desiree was gracious to ladies, protective of children, and polite to a fault.

Personal History[]

A man of strong principles, Lucas fought under Andrew Jackson in The War of 1812. Although he never owned slaves himself, he was committed to the preservation of the Southern way of life and served as a Captain under Stonewall Jackson in The Confederate Army. It was in this position that he first met Duncan MacLeod, a prisoner of war. Although he was unable to prevent MacLeod being hanged for espionage, he did help The Highlander to escape past enemy lines afterward. In a discussion with MacLeod, Lucas admitted that his side was wrong, but noted "we just get attached to the people, don't we?" Seeing his new friend off, Lucas promised MacLeod he would come north one day, too.

After the fall of the Confederacy, Lucas returned to Charleston, where he stayed until the earthquake of 1886 demolished the city. Then he headed north, as he'd promised MacLeod, and roamed the country. He maintained his friendship with Duncan, and the two would write back and forth constantly.

In 1980, Lucas settled in Steveston, WA, ready to lead a quiet life after 150 years of Mortal and Immortal conflict. Unfortunately, the arrival of Howard Crowley ended Desiree's peaceful life. Perhaps sensing that he had little time left, Lucas wrote to Duncan again, inviting him and Tessa to come up and visit him in his cabin. Before MacLeod could arrive, however, Crowley appeared and challenged Lucas. As Lucas lost his head, his friend Duncan felt the effects of The Quickening from a mile away.


A southern gentleman and a man of honor. He had a strong moral compass and lived his life according to his principles.