Louise Marcus
Highlander 2 Louise
Appeared in Highlander II: The Quickening
Born 1997, Flagstaff, Arizona
Status Alive
Occupation Public Relations
Rebel Leader
Portrayed by  Virginia Madsen

As seen in Highlander II: The Quickening, Louise Marcus was a former employee of the Shield Corporation who founded COBALT, a rebel group that fought against the Shield Corporation.

Background Edit

Louise Marcus was born in the year 1997, and in her adult years worked as in PR for many years for the Shield Corporation. Gradually, she came to realize that something was very wrong, and in the year 2021, she left the company to form an eco-terrorism group, COBALT, dedicated to the overthrow of the Shield Corporation's corrupt, monopolistic stranglehold upon planetary energy policy.

The Return of the Immortals Edit

The Shield was originally created by Connor MacLeod to protect the Earth from excessive solar radiation that was penetrating the depleted ozone layer.

Louise and Connor, 2024, following the destruction of the Shield

When she and a troop of COBALT rebels infiltrated a Shield Corporation installation in 2024, they discovered that radiation above the shield was normal -- the ozone layer had repaired itself. The Shield was unnecessary. The Shield Corporation was aware of this development, but chose to hide it from the general public in order to maintain its main source of profit.

She sought out Connor MacLeod first, and asked for his help in taking down the Shield. To her disappointment, she found the passionate man she once admired had grown into a tired old man. MacLeod explained his disapproval of terrorism. The pair were interrupted by Immortal assassins, and she watched as the old man killed Corda and Reno, who had been sent by General Katana, and was rejuvenated by energy of the absorbed Quickenings.

The two capped his return to vigor by becoming lovers. Eventually, the two faced Katana once again, and she witnessed Connor utilizing Katana's Quickening energy to destroy the Shield.