Louis Ducharde
Appeared in Highlander: The Series novel Highlander: Shadow of Obsession
Pupils Violane
Origin French
Watchers Unknown
Status Unknown
Occupation Soldier

Louis was an Immortal and a soldier in the army of Napoleon. At the end of 1813 or the beginning of 1814, his company came through a French town in which they confiscated without compensation food supplies.

When the royalist M. Armand tried to resist, he was shot dead along with his family. Ducharde was aware that Armand's daughter, Violane, would revive as an Immortal. He stayed behind and took care of her.

As people in the town had seen her die, he took her to Paris, where he promised her the life of a rich lady. In truth, however, he exploited Violane and forced her into prostitution. He was only interested in the money coming in, and taught her nothing about surviving the Game.

One day, before the end of 1815, Violane fled. It is unlikely that they ever met again.