Series Highlander: The Series
Season Two
Episode 19
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Friends Rebecca Horne
Maurice Lalonde
Enemies Luther
Set In Paris
Flashbacks 850 AD; 1635 - Italy
Previous Story Pharaoh's Daughter
Following Story Prodigal Son
Written by David Tynan
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On May 2, 1994
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 93218-40

Plot SynopsisEdit

Immortal Luther kills Immortal Rebecca Horne by forcing her to concede by holding her husband hostage. Amanda, who was once taught by Rebecca, visits Duncan to grieve. They learn that Luther believes in the legend which states that the bearer of a magical crystal, known as the Methuselah Stone, will be invincible.

Realizing that Luther is trying to reassemble the crystal, which Rebecca had separated and given to her students, they try to stop him - but not always together.

In flashback to AD 850, Rebecca rescues newly-Immortal Amanda from being burned with other plague victims and teaches her the rules to being Immortal.

In flashback to 1635, a naive Duncan encounters his first fighting Immortal women; Rebecca and Amanda.




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