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Lawrence Gasper
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "They Also Serve"
Name Lawrence Gasper
Born 1822, Alexandria, Virginia
First Death 1862, Civil War skirmish
Teachers Lucas Desiree
Pupils Michael Christian
Origin American
Watchers Rita Luce
Status Deceased, 1979, beheaded by Michael Christian
Occupation Independent Means
Portrayed by  Ken Gord, Producer, Highlander: the Series

Gasper was native of Alexandria, Virginia, born 1822. As an adult, he drifted from job to job; groom, chandler, laborer, etc. but was never really interested in his duties.

In 1861 he volunteered as a soldier in order to collect steady pay. Gaspar died during battle and then revived as an Immortal. Fellow Immortal, Lucas Desiree, found him and took as a student, Gasper discovered that he had a natural talent for the sword. He was a decent duelist, and soon moved to head-hunting as his main occupation. Gasper was somehow always able to work the death of other immortals to his financial benefit.

In 1975, Gasper took on the young Immortal, Michael Christian as a student. On Independence Day 1979, Christian beheaded his teacher.

Gasper was monitored by Watcher, Rita Luce, from 1969 to 1979.