Highlander Wiki
Appeared in The Pain Eater
Name Kyne
Born Unknown
First Death Unknown
Teachers Dilijan
Origin Unknown
Watchers Unknown
Status Deceased, post-B.C.E. 1000 - Suicide-beheading at sea

Kyne, like Dorn, was an Immortal who was used by Dilijan for his revenge against the Four Horsemen. He appeared in the Highlander Audio Series episode The Pain Eater.


After imprisoning him in his compound, the Immortal Dilijan drained the Quickening of Kyne, and turned him into an empty vessel. As part of his scheme to destroy the Four Horsemen, he then gave Kyne a new persona; one result of this being that his voice began to sound exactly like Dilijan's.

Following Dilijan's instructions, Kyne ingratiated himself to the Horsemen. Soon after he joined them, he started to manipulate Caspian and the others according to Dilijan's plans. Eventually, they all agreed to take a sea journey. When they were far out at sea, Kyne committed suicide, beheading himself atop the ship's main mast. The ship was filled with lamp oil, and exploded in the resultant Quickening.

The Horsemen were temporarily "killed" in the explosion, but more importantly, fractured and split up as a group, just as Dilijan always wanted.