Kirk Matunas
Appeared in Highlander
Name Kirk Matunas
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Vigilante
Portrayed by  Christopher Malcolm

Kirk Matunas was a vigilante operating New York during the Gathering of 1985.  A survivalist, a former Marine, and Vietnam war veteran, his commanding officer called him "a little paranoid, but a good man."

Encountering the KurganEdit

While patrolling a seedy neighborhood, Matunas witnessed Kurgan's duel with Sunda Kastagir. Matunas then fired an IMI Uzi at close range on the Kurgan, emptying an entire magazine. Kurgan quickly recuperated and impaled Matunas on his sword, and tossed him to the side of the alley. Although critically wounded, Matunas managed to remain conscious and witness the subsequent Quickening.


While receiving inpatient care at a hospital, Matunas gave an account of the incident to Police Lieutenant Frank Moran and Detective Walter Bedsoe. He said that the man who had run him through got up after he'd put "enough lead in him to drop a rhino."  Baffled, the Lieutenant asked him to work with an artist to come up with a picture of his assailant. Matunas agreed, and then called the cop over, and described what he had seen - a duel and a Quickening - and said he knew they would think him nuts.