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Keric Njal
Appeared in Highlander: Dark Places
Name Keric Njål
Aliases Kristoffer Ørjan, Karsten Körbl
Born 1193; Prussia (Germany)
First Death 1230; Killed by Army led by Teutonic Knights
Teachers Kane
Origin German
Watchers Shaneika Matthews
Status Active
Occupation Organized Crime (Enforcer, Underboss)
Portrayed by  Dan Treichel

In 1230, following the Golden Bull of Rimini, Grand Master Hermann Von Salza and Duke Konrad I of Mosovia initiated the Prussian Crusade, a joint invasion of Prussia intended to Christianize the Baltic Old Prussians. Keric was one such Prussian and the invasion was headed off by Kane, eager for bloodshed and able to masquerade as one of the invaders. Keric was felled by Kane's own blade, but Kane, knowing was of his kind, took it upon himself to train Keric in the Immortal Game as a bit of a pass time. Ordinarily killing Immortals -- even pre-Immortals -- on sight, Kane saw the kindred spirit in Keric, and attempted to impress upon him his own savage out look and way of life. Keric would learn much from Kane before leaving his tutelage before Kane could give a second thought to eliminating him from the playing field. Wisely.

Traveling to Romania with other Immortals upon whispers that the prestigious ruler of Walachia was an Immortal, he would find his life's calling in joining the Armas of Vlad Dracula III/Andrus Keradoc.

Today he remains Keradoc's top lieutenant, his right hand in all matters considered beneath him. In love with fellow Armas member Petrica Gabor and completely content in ensuring business stays as usual in Keradoc's makeshift criminal empire, he has no problem getting his hands dirty.


No-Dachi Katana

Note: This character is fan-made and therefore, not canon.