Appeared in Highlander
Name "Kenny"
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Hotel manager Ansonia Hotel, 73rd and Broadway
Portrayed by  John Cassady

Kenny was the manager of a seedy Ansonia Hotel in New York during the Gathering of 1985.

1st Kurgan encounterEdit

Kenny was working at his desk when the the Kurgan checked into his hotel under the name 'Victor Kruger.' After seeing the large wad of money in Kurgan's hand, Kenny enthusiastically told him if he needed "Broads, blow. Just dial 0." Kurgan said nothing.

Shortly after Kurgan checked in, Kenny sent a prostitute known as Candy to his room.

2nd Kurgan encounterEdit

The second time Kenny spoke to the Kurgan was after he'd had intercourse with Candy. Kenny asked him how she was, and that she told him Kurgan was "kind of kinky." The Kurgan approached his desk and grabbed Kenny by the neck, telling him to never speak to him again and threw him against the wall. Kenny remarked under his breath that he hoped Kurgan would "get his head chopped off."


Kenny allowed an old drunk, who was presumably homeless, to sit next to his desk. Kenny often yelled at him for talking to the customers and laughing at his awkward exchanges with the Kurgan.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Kenny had connections with drug dealers and prostitutes in his hotel. He may he may have been a drug dealer or pimp himself.