Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode Promises
Name Muhammad ibn Kassim
Born 1119, Tinmallal, North Africa
First Death 1152, killed in a political dispute
Teachers Hamza el Kahir
Origin Masmuda
Watchers Kahlid al-Aiban
Status Active
Occupation Advisor to Emir
Portrayed by  Ricco Ross
Muhammad ibn Kassim was born in Tinmallal, North Africa about 1119. He met his first death when he was executed during an tribal political dispute. He was there when during the Reconquista when Spanish forces drove the Muslims from Granada, Spain in 1480, the final Muslim foothold in Spain.

Kassim in 1460

. In 1755,Duncan was in North Africa when he met a young street urchin. He took care of the youth and gave him food. Kassim found the boy with Duncan and arrested him for "insulting" a princess of the House of al Deneb, the royal house he was sworn to serve, by paying her attention. The boy said he was in love with the princess, and so Kassim invoked Royal Law to arrest the boy and was going to execute him. Duncan thought it was wrong, demonstrating a classic clash of cultures. Later that night Duncan went into the prison to free the boy, but Kassim was waiting for him. The two men made an agreement, Kassim would forgive the insult the boy offered for daring to love someone so far above his station, and let him live, only if Duncan promised he would one day do a favor Kassim asked.

Kassim in 1755 when he met Duncan

Kassim and Duncan met again in the 20th century, and Kassim told Duncan that Nasir Al Deneb, the descendant and true heir to an Arab throne was the last of his line and with no restored royal status he would not find a princess to bring the family back to Arab rule. There was one man between the heir and the throne, a dictator, Hamad.

Kassim told Duncan that he wanted him to kill the President, keeping his promise to render a favor. Duncan was very close to killing the president but pulled back and made the President promise him that the heir would never be harmed. The President promised, then quickly broke his promise, and killed Nasir Al Deneb, ending the royal blood line.


Kassim meets Rachel

Kassim felt betrayed by Duncan, and challenged him. Duncan refused to fight, and Kassim left. In order to make Duncan fight him, Kassim kidnapped Rachel MacLeod. When Duncan came to save her, he and Kassim fought. Duncan won the duel, but let Kassim live. Kassim left but promised he would return one day to kill Duncan.

It was later revealed in Kassim's Watcher Chronicle that the heir's mistress was found to be pregnant with his child, who would take over as the new heir to the house of Al Deneb. Kassim took the heir's mistress into his custody, where he would protect her and the heir's child until he was of age to again claim rule.


Kassim used a Damascus scimitar with an ivory grip set into a one handed brass hilt with a short cross guard.  It appeared he had always carried a similar style blade.