Justino Alberez
Appeared in Kurgan Rising
Name Justino Alberez
Status Deceased, 2008 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod
Occupation Monk

Justino Alberez appeared in the Highlander Audio Series episode, Kurgan Rising.

Background Edit

Alberez was a priest who didn't take part in The Game; he stayed on Holy Ground most of the time. He was a friendly person who liked wine. One day, Duncan MacLeod came into his church, on the run from the angry father of his mortal girlfriend. The man asked him where Duncan was, but Alberez said that he had seen no one.

Thereafter, Alberez and Duncan became good friends. In later years he became a bishop, but had to decline when his fellow priests saw that he didn't age.

Later Life Edit

In 2008, Alberez was captured by the magnate Augustus Mason, and held prisoner in his imposing Parisian office building. Mason tortured and drugged him until he became a brainless zombie-like being. Alberez lured Duncan into Mason's building, where they were forced to fight one another.

Alberez was never a swordsman, but because of the drugs, he attacked like a maniac. After a hard fight, Duncan realized that he couldn't save him, and regretfully beheaded his old friend Alberez.

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