John Garrick
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "Shadows"
Name John Garrick
Born A.D. 1223, in Durham, England
First Death 1259, fell from the roof of unfinished Westminster Abby
Teachers Rosamond of Kent
Origin English
Watchers Katherine Shields
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1995
Occupation Sculptor
Portrayed by  Garwin Sanford

John Garrick worked at Westminster Abbey in London as a stonemason in 1259. He suffered his first death when he fell from the roof of the Abbey. Garrick claimed to have been gifted with clairvoyant abilities. He looked upon his immortality as a gift from God, in whose honor he produced sculptures for churches throughout England. For 400 years he spent his life in this way and was a friendly and sociable person.

For almost the entire year 1664, Garrick spent separated from his family in Norwich, where he worked at the Church of St. Eustace. In 1665, Garrick was living and working as a stonemason in a small English town. He had a wife, Julianna, and an adopted son, William. In June, he met Duncan MacLeod at the "Red Devil's Inn, " and they became good friends.

In December, his work was done in Norwich, Garrick returned home. MacLeod promised to visit him in the spring. In the spring of 1665, Julianna and William died in a fire. Garrick was 20 kilometers away, in Guilford, working on another church project, but he said he saw the death of the two in a vision. The people of his town learned of his vision, after which he was accused of being a sorcerer.

Duncan MacLeod arrived and tried to keep the bewildered Garrick from death at the stake. Ultimately, he managed to free him, and they fled separately, but Garrick was recaptured almost immediately and burned as a witch. Unaware of his friend's fate, MacLeod escaped, and Garrick never forgave MacLeod,for leaving him behind.

Garrick was plagued by nightmares in the following centuries. His recurrent "enemy" was a monk who neither spoke nor showed his face. Garrick then began to study the human psyche. He was probably more well versed with this topic than any man before. He studied with doctors and psychologists like Freud and Jung, and eventually he learned to control his hallucinations, and to project onto others. Outwardly, Garrick appeared healed, both Freud and Jung as well as his immortal friend, Sean Burns, thought so. But Garrick continued to struggle with his demons.

In 1994, Garrick was still a stone worker. He made demonic stone figures, and had an exhibition in Seacouver, where he again met Duncan MacLeod. Garrick projected his vision of the monk-warrior on his former friend. When Duncan asked him for advice, Garrick said that he could defeat this manifestation by not fighting it.

When Duncan was worn down by the visions and affected by sleeping pills, Garrick sought him in the costume of the Monk, and tried to take his head. But Duncan knew him by a finger ring that was never the vision, and defended himself. He managed to behead Garrick.