Jean-Philippe de Lefaye III
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "The Immortal Cimoli"
Name Jean-Philippe De Lefaye III
Born 1770, Rouen, Normany
First Death 1794, Stabbed in the back by a jealous husband
Teachers Duncan MacLeod
Origin French
Watchers Clive Bertram
Status Deceased, 1795, beheaded by Damon Case
Occupation Student
Portrayed by  Patrick Mille

Jean-Phillipe de Lefaye III was an Immortal from France, he was known to be a womanizer.

After he became Immortal, he met his teacher Duncan MacLeod in 1794 who then taught him about his Immortality.  Jean-Phillipe did not take his training seriously, knowing himself to be a talented man with a blade. He preferred his life of wine, women, and song.

While at a pub in England, he would meet Damon Case, an Immortal who lived strictly by the rules of The Game. Jean-Philippe tried to get Damon to have a drink and mingle with the women, but Case would not drink and sat alone.

Case then challenged Jean-Philippe to a duel,  Case was better and took the Frenchman's head.