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Iman Fasil
Appeared in Highlander (Film)
Name Iman Fasil
Aliases Gautier de Savoie, Fasil ibn Said, Gianmarco Salieri, Aman Abbasi, Samuel Frend
Born 1145
First Death 1187
Teachers Salim Ubadah
Origin Unknown
Watchers Stuart Nelson
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Connor MacLeod 1985
Occupation Soldier, Antiques dealer
Portrayed by  Peter Diamond

Iman Fasil, also known as Aman Fasil was an immortal who was among one of the last remaining Immortals at the time of the Gathering.


Little is known about Iman Fasil. He was one of the last of the remaining Immortals at the time of the Gathering. Before arriving in New York, he had been living in Syria.

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His last duel was with Connor MacLeod, whom he had known in the past. Their battle took place in an underground parking garage at Madison Square Garden. During the battle, Fasil gained momentum and managed to disarm the Highlander who defended himself using a metal pipe and struck Fasil before disappearing into the shadows. Eventually Connor recovered his katana and re-engaged Fasil whom he disarmed. Connor then took Fasil’s head and received his quickening.

According to the film, Fasil’s headless body was the second such corpse found in an on-going investigation by NYC police of beheadings, unaware of an occurrence such as the Gathering.


  • In the film, Fasil died between 10pm and 10:30pm.
  • Peter Diamond, who played Fasil in the original film, also appeared in the television series in the episode, Band of Brothers. He played a mortal, Brigand, who was among those who killed Darius while looting the ancient Immortal's church, and then faced off against Duncan MacLeod, only to be killed by him.  Diamond was only the second actor to appear in both the original film and the series, the other was Christopher Lambert.
  • In addition to playing Fasil, Diamond also served as a stunt coordinator on the film.
  • Fasil's sword in the first draft script was a Claymore.
  • Although his true origins are unknown, it has been suggested that Fasil was born in Europe and converted to Islam at some point in his life, perhaps during the Crusades of the early 11th century.
  • Fasil learned his fighting style from the Saracens.
  • In the novelization of the movie, he uses a Scimitar
  • He was a skilled acrobat.
  • Fasil was shown to have existed in the TV series universe and have lost his head to Conner MacLeod. His name there is Aman rather than Iman.
  • Iman Fasil appeared in the 1986 Highlander Video Game, in which he is known as ‘Fizir’.


Fasil’s sword was a Toledo Salamanca broadsword worth three million dollars. Many mistakenly assume it is a rapier based on its hilt. However, the swept hilt was first used for military weapons before being adopted for rapiers, which were commonly a civilian weapon. The blade is broader at the base, fullered, and shorter than a typical rapier blade, making it a fair match for a katana.

An original Bob Keen Image FX Ltd Fiberglass decapitated head prop of Fasil, used onscreen, commanded a price of £2,500.00.[1][2][3]