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Ian MacLeod
Ian MacLeod.jpg
First appearance Family Tree
Last appearance Homeland
Appeared in Highlander: The Series
Born ca. 1560
Died 1624
Nationality Scottish
Status Deceased, 1624, killed by Kanwulf.
Occupation Clan Leader
Portrayed by  Matthew Walker

Ian MacLeod was the chieftain of the Clan MacLeod. He was the adoptive father of the Immortal, Duncan MacLeod.

Ian raised Duncan to be his successor, keeping his origins secret from all but his wife. In 1624, during a dispute with the Clan Campbell, Duncan was brought home, fatally wounded in battle, and died in front of Ian.

Duncan visits his parents' grave

Moments later Duncan reawakened with his wounds completely healed. Because Ian believed his resurrection was a sign of witchcraft, he cast his son out.

When he once more met Duncan while on the road, he informed the young man that he had been adopted when his own son was still born.  Ian had arranged for the newborn Duncan, a foundling, to be given to his wife, Mary, in place the stillborn son she had delivered. The news damaged Duncan's sense of self.

Ian was eventually killed by Kanwulf in a raid. Kanwulf said he fought well for an old man.


  • "You'll no walk away from this! Not while I live. The challenge is made. No MacLeod could turn his back on such words."
  • "It is finished. Honor is satisfied. 'Tis a hard thing to face. But I raised you to lead this clan, and to bear this sword after me, no matter the cost."

    Ian's Claymore