Highlander The Raven



A short lived spin-off of Highlander: The Series. The original plans for what later became Highlander: The Raven led to a series of episodes focusing on different female Immortal characters during the parent series's sixth (and final) season. They were determined on a female lead, and the reasoning was that the character who caught on the most with fans would go on to headline the new show.

The candidates were the 1900 year old Alex Raven, the 2400 year old Kyra, the 700 year old Katya, the 500 year old Reagan Cole, or the 2300 year old Katherine. According to the Watcher's Guidebook, and several behind-the-scenes interviews, none of the new characters were well-received, so the spin-off ultimately went to an existing character; Amanda, as played by Elizabeth Gracen.


The series follows the exploits of Amanda and former police officer Nick Wolfe. Highlander: The Raven only lasted one season. Its low ratings, the lack of chemistry between the leads, and a change in the marketing of syndicated shows that was occurring at the time all contributed to its failure.

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