Hengist 001
Appeared in Methuselah's Gift
Born AD 630, England
First Death AD 670, cause unknown
Teachers Undetermined
Origin Saxon
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Amanda AD 853
Occupation Mercenary

Hengist was a Saxon noble, he was born in England about the year 630. The circumstances of his first death, and his first mentor, are unknown.

At some point he lost his left ear, it was unknown if he was immortal at that time. In 853, Hengist worked in Europe as raider and mercenary. He met the young immortal, Amanda, and challenged her, but Amanda was still inexperienced and fled, returning to her mentor Rebecca Horne on Holy Ground.

Hengist found her at Rebecca's abbey in Normandy and waited outside the holy ground while Rebecca admonished Amanda; she could not run forever. Amanda finally fought with him, and she surprised him with her skill. She disarmed and beheaded him.