Heather MacDonald
Appeared in Highlander
Highlander: The Final Dimension (via clip re-use)
Highlander: Endgame
Name Heather MacLeod
Born Heather MacDonald
Status Deceased, 1590, natural causes (old age)
Occupation Housewife
Portrayed by  Beatie Edney
Daughter of a blacksmith, Angus MacDonald, Heather married Connor MacLeod in 1537. For some time, Immortal Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez lived with them in order to train Connor for the Game.
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Connor at Heather's deathbed

One stormy night, while Connor was absent, she was entertaining Ramirez. The keep was invaded by another Immortal, the Kurgan. She ran to the upper part of the keep for safety as the Kurgan battled Ramirez. The fight destroyed much of the keep, and as the Kurgan gained the upper hand against Ramirez, he beheaded him. After the Quickening, the Kurgan raped Heather before leaving. After Connor returned, he salvaged the remnants of the tumbled keep and built them a cottage to live in, using the rest of the structure as his storehouse. Heather never told him of the rape.

Heather died of old age in 1590. On her deathbed, her sole regret was that their marriage produced no children. As her last wish, she asked Connor to light a candle for her to remember her on her birthday, which he did every year afterwards.

Centuries later, Connor MacLeod once again crossed paths with the Kurgan in the United States. Kurgan made derisive remarks about Connor's teacher, calling him names and relishing how he killed him in battle and sexually violated Heather (under the impression she was Ramirez's woman). It was then Connor learned of the rape of his wife, and was further goaded into the eventual fight between them.

TV Series ContinuityEdit

Up until her rape by The Kurgan in the flashback storyline of the first film, her fate in all varying continuities was the same. In the TV Series continuity, however, two flashbacks in Highlander: Endgame include her, though these flashbacks are unlikely to have been part of the other varying continuities.

Jacob KellEdit

In 1555, Connor MacLeod was warned that his mother, Caiolin MacLeod, was to be killed by the Clan MacLeod. Heather expressed her disapproval to Connor's clansmen, not understanding why they could not leave Connor alone.

She sometimes suffered because she grew older while Connor did not. One night, she cut a piece of her hair and gave it to Connor, saying that at least that piece of hair wouldn't grow old.

Background InformationEdit

Heather MacLeod is one of three characters from the Highlander universe to appear in both movie and television continuity (the others being Connor MacLeod and Rachel Ellenstein), and one of seven characters that were referenced in the television continuity (in addition to Connor MacLeod and Rachel Ellenstein, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, The Kurgan, Sunda Kastagir and Brenda Wyatt have been referred to, and even appeared in comic-book form).

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