Guerin Billuad
Name Guerin Billuad
Origin French
Status Deceased,Beheaded by Connor MacLeod 1966

Guerin Billuad appeared in Highlander: Way of the Sword. issue's 1-2

Guerin was a somewhat snobbish Immortal from France. Despite his small size he fought very well, and survived The Game until the 60s. His sword was hidden inside his cane. Guerin wasn't an evil Immortal and only fought because of The Game.

Way of the SwordEdit

In 1966, Guerin was in Paris. He sensed another Immortal, Connor MacLeod, who was on search for his sword with his friend, Ian. Guerin introduced himself and the two agreed to meet one another the following night.

Guerin and Connor met at Point Royal and fought, but in their struggle they fall off the roof on to a coach that was passing by. The fight continued until they fall off, Connor recovered first and was about to take Guerin's head, but laughed because they suddenly found themselves on Holy Ground.

Connor's new girlfriend Elizabeth saw them and took them into a building where an auction was being held for antique swords. Guerin talked with some of the other guests, then he left.

The next day, Guerin and Connor had their final fight, Guerin wondered about the fact that MacLeod took this all so personally. Then Connor revealed that he held Guerin responsible for the murder on his friend, Ian.

Guerin said that he was not the one who killed him, and the fight went on. In the end Connor took Guerin's head and Quickening.