Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode The Darkness
Name Greta
Born August 24, 1969 in Seacouver, Washington
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Hustler, Psychic
Portrayed by  Traci Lords
A mortal, Greta claimed to have psychic ability, "the seventh daughter of the seventh son. I see things other people don't even look for."

She was first seen in a bar being hit on by Richie, whom she said she sensed was not looking for a serious relationship.  Richie then introduced her to Tessa and MacLeod and she offered a reading for a few dollars. Tessa offered her hand, and Greta had a genuine vision of Tessa in danger. She advised Tessa get out of the city immediately, that she saw trouble, with swords, and Tessa in the middle.

When Tessa was kidnapped, MacLeod returned to Greta who said her 'gift' was an act that her mother had it but she never had until Tessa.  At his insistance, she 'read' Tessa's earring and experienced another vision. She saw a man with a sword and a wall of taxidermed heads. 

She later went to Mac saying the visions would not leave her alone.  He asked that she read his palm and she recieved visions of his incredibly long history and some minor details of where Tessa was being held, that eventually led to the house where she was being held. She wrote her phone number in a matchbook and gave it to MacLeod, she told him to call when it was over, that she would not sleep until then.  The book of matches saved his life.

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