Grace Chandel
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "Saving Grace"
Aliases Helen Jereau, Ann Luc, Isabelle Pontand, Ilsa Gray
Born 1372, Duchy of Lorraine
First Death 1402, stoned as a witch
Teachers Charles of Strasbourg
Pupils Kristin Gilles
Origin French
Watchers Dr. Jeanette Fallon
Status Alive
Occupation Doctor, nurse, midwife, healer
Portrayed by  Julia Stemberger
Grace Chandel has used her healing talents for over 600 years, even before she met her first death by stoning as a witch, and learned that she was Immortal.

Grace found and taught Kristin Gilles about her immortality, and the importance of keeping her head, and how to handle a sword if she needed to. But to avoid fighting if possible because, like most female immortals who lack the brute strength of a man, she would have to rely on her beauty and her brains if she was to survive. Man or woman, avoiding a fight is a sure way to stay alive. It was a lesson Kristin took to heart, and out of context, and used to kill numerous male immortals by disarming them with her sexuality and ambushing them when they spoke of leaving her. This caused a irreparable rift between her and Grace. Grace sent Kristin away, saddened over what she had become, and in part blaming herself for the monster she created.

Grace met Duncan MacLeod in 1660. He happened upon her when she was acting as a midwife for a woman giving birth, and was told by her to either let her do her work or kill her there. When Duncan did not kill her, they became friends. She eventually fell in love with another Immortal, Carlo Sendaro. Duncan had heard that he was overbearing and possessive, and warned her about Carlo, but she was sure she could handle him, and accompanied him to South America. She spent 100 years on an Amazon plantation in Brazil with him. At last, unable to ignore his possessive megalomania, she fled from him, changing her identity every few decades.

By the 1990s, Carlo found Grace again, and pursued her through Paris,murdering her husband Paul Warren. He framed her for the murder. He was stopped by Duncan. The two fought in the Metro, where Duncan knocked Carlo back to the third rail, and Carlo was electrocuted then fell on to the tracks. When the train passed, it took Sendaro's head and Duncan took the Quickening.

After Sendaro's death, Grace kept with her plan to leave Paris and continue her work elsewhere.