Frenchman 2
Appeared in Highlander: Armageddon
Name Unknown
Origin French
Occupation Deceased, 2012 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod

This Immortal appeared in Highlander: Armageddon, in issues #10-12.

Background Edit

Not much is known about him, but in the year 2012, he was hold prisoner by Idima Nahru and her Cult of the Eye. Idima let captive Immortals fight another until only the strongest remained.

Events of Armageddon Edit

Several Immortals -- among them Methos and Duncan Macleod -- were captured by renegade Watcher Idima Nahru in 2012, and forced to battle in an arena located in North Africa. When Methos refused to take the head of Duncan, the Frenchman asked to fight MacLeod instead. Idima agreed, and he attacked the Highlander, only to be stabbed by his opponent.

Later when MacLeod and the other captives were escaping, he offered his help, and escaped with them. They entered the place where Idima had hid her arsenal, as the Frenchman attacked MacLeod and revealed the rest of the plan. It didin't matter which of them died, since any Quickening would set off the arsenal.

MacLeod defeated his opponent and took his head, but triggered a nuclear detonation in the process.