Francois Bertrand
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode For Tomorrow We Die
Name Francois Bertrand
Died 1993, betrayed by Xavier St. Cloud
Nationality French
Status Deceased
Occupation Jewel Thief
Portrayed by  Thierry de Carbonnières

Francois Bertrand was a criminal in Paris who was hired by immortal, Xavier St. Cloud, to assist in a jewelry store heist.

At the job,  St. Cloud used poison gas to kill the employees in the store, as well as himself. After reviving, St. Cloud had Francois come in,  wearing a gas mask. Francois remarked that the victims looked dead, implying he'd been told that gas was non-lethal. 

St. Cloud lied to him, telling him they would all wake up in a few hours. He then had Francois clean out the manager's safe. When Francois finished St. Cloud told Francois he could remove the mask, that the gas was only potent for a few minutes.

Francois complied, and started to feel the effects of the gas immediately. As he died, he told St. Cloud,  "I'll see you in Hell!" 

Amused, St. Cloud calmly replied,  "Probably".

Duncan MacLeod learned about Francois through his old compatriot, Georges Dalou, when he began to investigate St. Cloud's involvement in the crime. He provided money for his funeral, "It's because of you he will rest in holy ground," and then provided an envelope of cash to the dead man's mother, saying it was from Francois.